Processed Food

Processed Foods that Harm your Health

processed food

While there is no limitation on what you can eat (some can be downright bizarre) and it is purely a matter of personal choice, there are foods that can harm you and create all sorts of health complications. On top of the pile are processed foods that are often taken more out of necessity than choice. Consider a working couple – they will almost certainly stock up on foods that can be had after a 5 minute warming up in the micro oven. However, while being delicious, these foods hardly have any nutrition value and can adversely affect your health if taken on a regular basis.

These are some of the processed foods that harm your health. 

  • Processed meats – All canned meat, bacon, ham, sausages and hot dogs, smoked meats and corned beef fall in this category. While definite tangible data is not available of its adverse effects, observation analysis over time points to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases and bowel and stomach cancer if such meats are taken regularly. These are best taken off the breakfast table to be replaced with high fibre food.

  • Processed breakfast cereals – Be aware of what you have for breakfast. After shunning processed meat do not add processed breakfast cereals that contain sugar and flour. Have a healthy high fibre diet that also helps to optimally manage and control diabetes apart from having great nutritional value. Even if you do buy boxes of breakfast cereals, read the nutritional label. Make sure that it has at least 5gms or more of fibre per serving and low sugar content.

  • Frozen foods – Frozen fruits and vegetables do not affect health but those that contain high amounts of fat and sodium do. These are not considered to be detoxing or anti-inflammatory foods that are so essential in daily diet. Frozen foods have anywhere between 700mg to 1800mg of sodium while the body needs a maximum of 2300mg of sodium daily. Thus multiple intakes of frozen foods during a day can be very harmful for you.

Apart from these specific types of food given here, there are others that you will do well to avoid. Packaged cookies and pastries that people generally reach for if hungry should be a strict no-no. For example just 3 Oreo cookies can add 160 calories apart from 14gms of sugar and 7gms of fat. Surely a deadly combination by any standards! When hunger strikes, take a fistful of almonds instead, it will be good for you. Eat healthy to ward off any dreaded diseases.