When you talk of good health, there are a large number of variables involved- a healthy lifestyle, de-stress, nutritious food and of course a good daily workout regimen. And each of these parameters has a huge list of dos and don’ts that many are not aware of. Just running in the park or strenuous lifts at a gym may not be enough for you. In fact it might be more than your body needs leading to serious complications.

So is the case with diet. Following a strict and restrictive diet is again not what the doctor ordered. The trick is to take a balanced diet that has an optimal ratio of most nutrients that your body needs. The problem is that people do not get one source that offers all this information rolled into one. The chances are that you will get a blog spot that relates to workouts or one that deals with proper diet and nutrition or one that elaborates on food supplements. However, rarely will you get one that deals with comprehensive guidelines to good health.

This is the advantage that people get when they visit our blog spot www.pyr-mids.com. The goal of our team is to give all health related information under one roof, whether it is through news, information, tips and guidelines from those who are well conversant in this field.

To reach and achieve our goal, we invite blogs from experts who have hands-on experience or have researched on this subject. From dieticians to gym trainers to research scholars – anybody who feel that they want to share their knowledge for the benefit of many are welcome to send in their contributions. Any blog related to health will be published on our blog. Our only stipulation is that they should be credible and authoritative and be able to add value to our blog site.

Send in your write-ups to us in the form of recommendations, opinion, guidance or even one that has plain facts and empirical data to back up your contention.